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Because the entire case for shutting down schools and businesses is based on the claim that extreme social isolation will “save lives,” we will begin by trying to get a more accurate estimate on exactly how many people will be killed by the corona virus in the US this year. After accounting for inaccurate tests and fake death certificates, the number of people killed by the corona virus in the US may be under 50,000.

We will then examine how many people will be killed by shutting down businesses for months on end. This number is likely to be greater than 500,000 – more than 10 times the deaths from the corona virus!

We will then hear from 50 experts who have questioned the corona virus hysteria and then offer a more positive solution to protect all of us from the risk posed by the corona virus.

This chapter is divided into the following four sections.

1.1 The CDC is Not Your Friend

1.2 Why the Cure is will Kill More People than the Disease

1.3 Fifty Experts Question the Corona Virus Hysteria

1.4 We Should Promote Healthy Living Instead of Extreme Isolation

Get ready to be shocked.


In this chapter, we will compare something you may not know much about, the Corona virus, to something you may have already encountered several times in your life – the seasonal flu. While there are some important differences between these two viruses, there are also a lot of remarkable similarities. We will also review the evidence on the typical time period for viral epidemics and for corona virus epidemics.

Chapter 2 is divided into the following five sections:

2.1 Structure of the Seasonal Flu and Corona Virus

2.2 Evidence that the time to peak is about one month

2.3 Flaws of the Ferguson UK Report

2.4 A More Accurate Estimate of the Time to Peak

2.5 Why our Health Care System will not be Overloaded


It is very sad that clueless government officials and their partners in crime in the Mass Hysteria Media have completely fallen for the claim that extreme social isolation will somehow reduce fatalities or lower the curve – without even asking for a single study that might support this claim. Because misguided social isolation policies are likely to increase fatalities rather than reduce them – and because social isolation policies are causing the worst economic disaster in world history, we will spend this entire chapter reviewing the evidence – all of which confirms that social isolation policies are and always have been completely ineffective in controlling flu epidemics.

This chapter is divided into the following five sections:
3.1 A Social Isolation Timeline
3.2 Comparing Rates of Fatalities in States and Nations
3.3 Evidence that Social Isolation Makes Flu Epidemics Worse
3.4 Evidence Mass Gatherings do not increase Flu Epidemics
3.5 Examples of “Social Isolation Works” Fake Science


There is no evidence that standing 6 feet apart reduces flu transmissions. It is simply mass hysteria media hype.