9.4 Give our Kids a Better Education so this Never Happens Again!

If a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be."
Thomas Jefferson

I have been unable to figure out a more polite way of putting this, but instead I am going to just state the obvious: Our current batch of elected leaders, including Jay Inslee and Chris Reykdal, obviously never received a proper education.

They have made claim after claim not backed up by any scientific evidence. This is strong evidence that they were never trained in the basic processes of the scientific method. Science is not about listening to some expert (paid by Bill Gates) telling you what to do. Science is about demanding evidence – a lot of evidence – from lots of different sources. Science is also about being able to evaluate both evidence and claims being made about evidence. It is clear that we need to do a much better job of explaining these important processes in science classes in our public schools.

In addition, government officials seem to know nothing at all about the human immune system and how it relates to and is able to overcome viruses – and also why vaccines can not possible address the virus issue. We need to improve our health classes in our public schools so that kids who grow up to become government officials are not such gullible targets for the scam artists at drug companies looking to make a quick buck off of the tax payers. It is ridiculous to be paying these snake oil salesmen year after year for flu vaccines that never have worked and never will work.

Government officials also appear to know nothing about education or child development. If they did, they would not be advocating shutting down schools and replacing them with ineffective and “doomed to fail” online programs. We need to add child develop classes to our public schools and colleges so that kids who eventually become government officials better understand the difference between real public schools and online programs run by scam artists.

Finally, government officials seem to know nothing at all about how local small businesses work. If they did, they would not have even thought about shutting down any small business for even a day – much less several months.

In recognition of the major blunders that Inslee, Reykdal and others have inflicted on the children, parents, teachers and business owners here in Washington state, it is obvious that we need to make several improvements to the curriculum of our public schools.

#1 Better science classes – especially on the need to seek out actual evidence from real scientific studies and also how to tell real scientific studies from fake scientific studies.

#2 Better Health classes – focusing on how the human immune system works and what is needed to improve our immune system. Also how viruses work and why vaccines cannot possibly solve the virus problem.

#3 Additional classes on Child Development and Why Online Education will not work for many students.

#4 Additional classes in Economics – especially covering the devastation that is caused by shutting down local small businesses for months on end.

#5 Additional Courses in Problem Solving – especially helping students understand the importance of looking at the advantages and drawbacks of all options before choosing to shut down the entire economy because some nut in Great Britain wrote a fake study.

I realize our public schools are already overwhelmed with too many course requirements. I therefore propose removing existing course requirements in order to make room for these new requirements.

In particular, I recommend getting rid of the third year of math that was unwisely added to state graduation requirements in the past few years. Very few people can even pass these complex high level math courses. I doubt that either our governor, our State Superintendent or more than a handful of members of our state legislature could pass advanced math classes.

I therefore propose that all elected state officials including all members of the legislature be required to take any courses and pass any exams they they are requiring our students to take. Their scores should be posted on a public website so the public can see how well they did. If elected officials cannot pass these ridiculous exams, then our students should not be required to pass them either.

I also recommend getting rid of any tests that the Governor, Superintendent and legislators cannot pass. This should result in getting rid of all of these ridiculous tests and leave much more time for actual learning.

What’s Next?
Hopefully, this book has helped you get a better understanding of how badly we have been misinformed by the Mass Hysteria Media and by our government officials. I also hope you will not stop here. Our kids desperately need for us adults to get more involved in the political process.

One the following page is a series of links to other websites, books and courses I have written where you can learn more about taking back control over your own computer, starting your own websites, creating your own news channel and video channel and building your own community network.

Thank you for taking the time to read this book. If you found it useful, I hope you will share it with your friends and family members.

As always, I welcome your feedback and questions. Feel free to email me via spring for schools at gmail dot com.


David Spring M. Ed.