Media Caught Lying About Death of Teacher

Hundreds of mass hysteria media reports that a teacher died after contracting the corona virus at a school turn out to be false!

I recently posted an article citing nearly one hundred scientific studies from 14 nations around the world – all of which reopened their public schools without any adverse consequences for students, teachers, parents or grandparents. These studies includes tens of thousands of teachers and more than one million students. Extensive tracing of hundreds of these teachers and students found that none of the teachers or students who contracted the corona virus had contracted the virus while at school. Instead, they contracted the virus while at home. Here is a link to my recent article summarizing all of these studies.



This is exactly what I predicted in my 400 page book on this subject – Common Core versus Corona Virus Hysteria - which shows beyond any doubt that the corona virus is no worse than the seasonal flu. You can read this book for free at the following website:

Despite this overwhelming mountain of evidence that there is no danger in reopening schools, the mass hysteria media continues to pump out literally hundreds of made up stories claiming that teachers have died in our schools from the corona virus. The most wide spread of these ridiculous stories is this scary headline: “Three Arizona teachers who shared a classroom got virus - one died.”

Do a Google Search on this headline and you will find that more than one hundred mass hysteria media outlets have carried this story - without a single media outlet questioning whether the claim was true. The story was first reported on July 9, 2020 by the Arizona Republic.


Here is a link to their story:

The story was then picked up by nearly every mass hysteria media outlet in the US – including CNN, the Washington Post, NBC, etc. Here is what NBC said about this tragedy: “Three teachers who shared a summer classroom at a school in Arizona all contracted corona virus last month, leaving one of them dead.”

One would think from reading the headline that the three teachers were teaching in a real classroom with real students – and had somehow contracted the virus from the students. In fact, as some of the articles admitted, the three teachers were all working on computers to develop an online program in an empty classroom that did not have any students. None of the three teachers ever came in contact with any student. The school district in Arizona where this tragedy occurred had closed on March 17, 2020. No students had been in the school where this occurred in nearly 3 months.

Nor were the three teachers forced to be together in this empty classroom. They chose to be in the same classroom in an effort to help each other learn how to teach online. Like most teachers, these three teachers had been provided with almost no training in how to teach online. Working together was their way of overcoming this lack of training. Had they been teaching in real classrooms with real students, each of these three teachers would have been in a different classroom – making it far less likely that any one of them would contract any virus from one of the other teachers. It is therefore disgusting to use this death – which was due to the move to online classes – as a reason to keep schools closed and expand online classes!

According to the mass hysteria media, the three teachers contracted the corona virus despite having taken all of the precautions recommended by the CDC. They were wearing masks and gloves and staying 6 feet apart. If the three teachers would have read my book, they would have known that none of these CDC recommendations are supported by any actual scientific research. It has been proven that all viruses are so small that they go right through cotton masks. So wearing masks does nothing to stop the corona virus. It is also known that all viruses float through on small aerosol particles in the air filling a 30 foot by 30 foot class room with viruses in less than 60 minutes. So telling people to stay 6 feet apart and wear masks borders on medical malpractice. It is therefore shameful to use this death – which was caused in part by people being lied to by the CDC into taking useless precautions – to justify continuing the use of those useless precautions!

Even if I had not been able to find out what really happened, I would have predicted that one of the teachers contracted the virus outside of the school and brought it into the school – thereby infecting the other two teachers. This is because 86 percent of all viral infections occur in peoples homes – not in schools.


Thus, the most dangerous place for either students or teachers to be is inside of their home – where the majority of corona infections occur. When one looks at the actual evidence of high transmission rates in homes and very low to non-existent transmission rates in schools, it becomes clear that it would be much safer for students and teachers to at school all day than to be at home all day.

This is why it is ridiculous to tell people they are safer at home than at school. Teachers and students would be much safer at schools than they would be staying at home. This is also why people need to be told the truth about the corona virus – rather than being told CDC lies that they will be protected by wearing masks and staying 6 feet apart or the worst lie of all – that people will be safer staying at home.

But getting back to the Mass Hysteria Media story: The claim is that the teachers magically contracted the virus while at school and then one of them died from the corona virus.

This story is provably false.


Kimberley Byrd, age 61 or 63 (reports differ), was an elementary school teacher at the Hayden Winkelman School District. Kimberley had several serious health problems before contracting the corona virus. These problems included asthma, diabetes and lupus.

One of the articles stated that, according to her husband, Kimberley went to the Emergency Room on June 13, 2020. Prior to going to the Emergency Room, Kimberley had seen her doctor and he gave her antibiotics and steroids. I mention this because my mother was killed a couple of years ago after having a bad reaction to antibiotics and steroids – neither of which has any proven positive effect in treating any viral infection.

In any case, on about June 11 or June 12, Kimberley went to see her doctor. Here is a quote from the husband about the time period before Kimberley entered the hospital:

“Her doctor told her that she likely had a sinus infection, but her breathing continued to go downhill, Jesse Byrd said. Her kids eventually convinced her to go to the hospital.”

The reason she went to see the doctor was that (according to her husband), Kimberley had gone on a camping trip with her husband the prior week, June 2 to June 7, 2020. At the end of this camping trip, on June 7, 2020, Kimberley complained of being ill. Here is a quote from one of the hundreds of articles about this tragedy:

“Kimberley Byrd was the first (of the three teachers) to become sick, shortly after a camping trip, her husband said — it was just the two of them in a camper.”

Since it takes about 6 days to develop symptoms, this means that Kimberley actually contracted the virus on around June 1, 2020 – either shortly before or during her camping trip with her husband. And this is the important part – Kimberley contracted the virus when she was no where near her school or near other teachers.

This timeline is significant because, according to the local newspaper, the online Summer School Program, you know, that place where Kimberley was supposed to have contacted the virus – started on Monday June 8, 2020.

(This is the link that none of the mass hysteria media bothered to research)

By Monday, June 8, 2020, Kimberley had already carried the virus for at least 6 to 7 days. Moreover, since Kimberley entered the emergency room on Saturday, June 13, 2020, and since we know that Kimberley saw her personal doctor a day or two before on Thursday or Friday, and since Kimberley told her husband she felt sick on Sunday June 7, 2020, we can say for certain that Kimberley went to the school on the first day of the virtual school, Monday June 8, 2020, after she was already sick.

I am not blaming Kimberley for going to school while she was sick. It is likely she believed the nonsense coming from the CDC that everything would be OK and she would not infect the other teachers as long as she wore a mask and gloves and stayed 6 feet away from them. It is not surprising that Kimberley infected the other two teachers. And it is likely that the other two teachers would not have gotten sick had Kimberley stayed home during the second week of June.

As for who infected Kimberley and where she became infected, it was almost certainly one of her other family members – all of whom eventually tested positive for the corona virus. The most likely person was her husband – since she spent several days with him in a small camper just before she became ill. There is also a chance that she was infected by another family member shortly before she went on her camping trip. This is in keeping with the fact that we know that over 80% of all corona virus infections occur inside the home between close family members. This is why it is so ridiculous to force students, parents, teachers and grandparents to stay home – because they are being forced to stay in the very place that has the highest risk.

Finally as for the tragic outcome – that Kimberley died on June 26, 2020 after spending 13 days in the hospital – it is clear that being a teacher at a school had nothing to do with Kimberley’s death. She contracted the virus when she was not even near other teachers or other students. The school was not even open when Kimberley first got sick. The school was on the one week break between the end of Spring Quarter and beginning of the Summer Session. That was why Kimberley went camping that week.

The US is a nation of 330 million people. About 8,000 people die every day in the US. Most of these people die from heart attacks or cancer. We do not shut down every school in the US and deprive 50 million students of an education just because people die from heart attacks or cancer. Sadly, some people die – whether they are a teacher or not. Each year, about 3,600 people in the US die from asthma. This is 10 every day. Some of these people are 61 (or 63) years old, like Kimberley was.

Even more dangerous is diabetes. Each year, 270,000 people die with diabetes as being a contributing factor. In 84,000 cases a year, diabetes is the primary cause of death – making it the seventh leading cause of death in the US. Lupus is also known to increase the chances of dying – especially among Hispanics (Kimberley was Hispanic).

There is no doubt that the corona virus contributed to Kimberley’s death. But it was far from the only factor. One would never know this listening to the crazy talk that has surrounded Kimberley’s tragic death.

Here is one quote wondering how kids will feel if we restart schools and then the kids contract the corona virus and bring it home and kill their parents and grandparents:

"What are we going to do to them (students) emotionally if they take that virus home and give it to a family member or daycare worker or someone they are close to, and that person passes away?"

Can you see why this comment is ridiculous???

Let me say this one more time: Kimberley did not contract the virus from a student. Nearly 100 studies have shown that students do not transmit the virus to teachers, parents or anyone else. Yet people completely ignore the science and make claims – reported in hundreds of mass hysteria media articles - as if a student had transmitted the virus to Teacher Kimberley.

Perhaps the most ridiculous (and most frequently repeated) comment made about this tragedy comes from Jeff Gregorich, the district superintendent of the school where Teacher Kimberley taught.

Jeff said: "We're going to lose a lot of teachers if they bring the kids back again."

Here is a message:

Earth to Jeff: Kimberley did not contract the corona virus from one of her students. She was not killed by one of her students. She contracted the virus from her husband on a camping trip.

So how does Kimberley’s infection and death, which occurred completely outside of any school environment lead to the conclusion that bringing students back will lead to lots of teachers dying?

Schools are Dramatically Safer for Both Teachers and Students than Staying Home

Please do not get me wrong. I am not saying that no teachers will die if we re-open schools. I am quite certain that some teachers will die. After all, we have about 3 million teachers in the US. They are about one percent of the US population. So if 8000 people die every day in the US, then about 80 teachers will die every day in the US. But these 80 teachers will not be dying because we reopened schools. They will be dying because 80 teachers always die every day, every year, in the USwhether there is a corona virus or not.

Most of these 80 teachers per day will die from heart attacks or cancer – both of which are made much worse by the stress of sitting around the house listening to the mass hysteria media. But some of those teachers will die from diabetes or asthma or lupus.

What I am saying is that FEWER teachers will die if we reopen our schools than if we leave our schools closed. This is because schools are much safer places for both students and teachers than remaining at home.

But what about all of the people dying from the Corona Virus in Arizona, Texas and Florida?

The mass hysteria media now has daily stories of mass death in Arizona, Texas and Florida. There are two obvious reasons Corona Virus cases are rising in these three states. The first is that, like in Washington state, testing as more than doubled. More tests result in more cases. Second, unlike Washington, it gets hot in the Southern US states in the summer time. Hot as in over 90 degrees – and even over 100 degrees. This forces people to stay in their homes, recirculate the interior air and keep the Air Conditioning on. Like all viruses, corona viruses can travel through the air conditioning and thus infections will go up in southern states during the summer time.

However, this does not mean that people are dying in southern states any more than they died in previous years in southern states.

As just one example, here is the claimed corona virus death rate per million in Arizona, Texas and Florida compared to New York and other East Coast states:


Clearly New York has a much worse problem that Florida, Texas or Arizona. The problem in all East Coast states is almost certainly related to very bad air pollution on the East Coast – affecting many states on the East Coast. Poor air quality damages our lungs and weakens our immune system and makes older people susceptible to viral infections such as the seasonal flu and the corona virus. The solution is to advocate for better quality air – not to shut down our schools!

Bottom Line: Please stop listening to the Mass Hysteria Media.

These are the same fake news outfits that lied about the non-existent weapons of mass destruction used to start the Iraq War. How many lies does the mass hysteria need to tell before people will finally stop believing them??

As always, I look forward to your questions and comments.

Regards, David Spring M. Ed.

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