Additional Evidence that the Corona Virus is no worse than the Seasonal Flu

If we agree on nothing else, I hope we can agree that these past three months have ushered in a radically different series of events – never before seen in our lifetime – and perhaps unseen in all of human history. In record time, our schools and businesses were locked down. 50 million Americans lost their jobs. Trillions of tax payer dollars have been spent – with most it going to Wall Street Banks and wealthy international corporations. Millions of people drank the corona kool-aid and are afraid to leave their homes. But where is the real evidence of corona virus danger to warrant such a drastic change in our lives, our jobs and our schools?

Just over one month ago, I published the most comprehensive book ever written about the corona virus, Common Sense versus Corona Virus Hysteria. You can read that book for free at the following website: Common Sense Book dot org. I provided hundreds of scientific studies confirming that the corona virus was no more lethal than the seasonal flu. I predicted that, over time, even more evidence would emerge to support this conclusion. This article summarizes just a small fraction of the new evidence that has emerged in the past month on three important issues:

#1 The corona virus did not increase fatalities in Washington state in 2020 compared to 2019 or 2018

#2 Shutting down our schools and businesses did not reduce fatalities in Washington state in 2020 compared to 2019 or 2018.

#3 The ongoing lockdown will cause more harm than Great Depression

Since I published my book, many more studies have been published, supporting my contention that if one seeks out REAL science – looking for studies that follow the scientific method and use real independently verifiable data - instead of FAKE science studies using made up data generated by computer models, one will come very close to the truth. Let’s take a closer look at the new evidence that has emerged in the past month.


#1 The corona virus did not increase fatalities in 2020 compared to 2019 or 2018
In my book, I provided data showing that there was no increase in total weekly fatalities in Washington state from January through April 2020 compared to the same weeks in 2019 and 2018. I have since added the month of May 2020 and updated the graph to make it clearer that there has been no change in daily fatalities from January through May compared to 2019 or 2018 in Washington state:


This graph is strong evidence that, at least in Washington state, through May 2020, the corona virus was no more lethal than the seasonal flu was in previous years. There was no increase in fatalities resulting from the corona virus in Washington state in 2020 – and thus, there was no real health emergency in our state in 2020.

In addition, the graph shows that there was no reduction in daily or weekly fatalities after lockdown policies were issued on March 20, 2020. The daily fatalities remained normal throughout April and May of 2020. Thus, shutting down schools and businesses for more than two months did not reduce fatalities in Washington state.

Here is a link to the data table used to create this graph: To see CDC State data, go to this link:

Scroll down to options and click on the link called Data.CDC. gov National and State estimates. Then click on View Data. Then click on State, Sort Descending. Then click Next about 20 times to get to Washington State.

The fact that there was no significant change in fatalities from 2018 or 2019 to 2020 is in line with an important principle of science called the Null Hypothesis – which assumes that all virus are about the same until they are proven to be different by producing actual independently verifiable scientific evidence. The Null Hypothesis is the assumption that would be made by any legitimate scientist. Only fake scientists ignore the Null Hypothesis. When I refer to some studies as “fake science” what I mean is that the authors ignored the Null Hypothesis.

Additional Evidence that the Corona Virus is no more lethal than the Seasonal Flu
On May 19, 2020, Dr. Ioannidis from Stanford University published a summary of 12 Corona Virus Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) studies from around the world. The infection fatality rate (IFR) is the probability of a person dying after being infected. Here is the conclusion of his report: “Twelve studies with a sample size of at least 500 have been published as of May 12, 2020... Seven of the 12 IFRs are in the range 0.07 % to 0.20 % - which are similar to IFR values of seasonal influenza. Three values are modestly higher and two are modestly lower.”

Not included in the 12 studies (because the official result has not yet been published in a scientific journal) is the Los Angeles County study (IFR = 0.16). But given the current similarity of results, we can now say with complete confidence that the fatality rate of the corona virus is similar to the fatality rate of the seasonal flu. For comparison sake, the IFR of the seasonal flu is typically stated as 0.1 percent to 0.2 percent - or in plain English one in one thousand to two in one thousand infected people. However, there are huge differences in the actual IFR from region to region. For example, as I explained in greater detail in my book, the IRF in Washington state is much lower than the IFR in New York state. This has been true for more than 100 years – which is why the most accurate predictor of the IFR for the seasonal flu from year to year is what state you are living in. As we show below, lockdown policies have had no measurable effect in the fatality rate. But what state you are living in has a huge effect on the fatality rate.

An estimate of how many people died FROM the corona virus compared to how many people died WITH the corona virus
There is emerging evidence that the fatality rate of the corona virus is actually much LESS than the seasonal flu. The above reported fatality rate for the corona virus of 1 to 2 fatalities per one thousand confirmed corona virus cases is artificially inflated by several factors. The biggest problem is that the IFR indicates how many people died WITH the corona virus – not how many people died FROM the corona virus.

The real or actual fatality rate is how many people died FROM the corona virus. We know from the graphs above that whatever the REAL fatality rate is of dying from the corona virus, it is so low that it had no measurable effect on the total daily or weekly or monthly fatality rate in Washington state.

In the book, I examined the ratio of actual corona virus cases to confirmed cases and found there were about 50 actual cases for every confirmed case. This is likely also true of the seasonal flu. In other words, the Infection fatality rate (IFR) of the seasonal flu may also be over-inflated.

In the book, I also provided evidence that hospitals were directed to list the corona virus as the cause of death even when there was no test and even when it was known that the corona virus was not the cause of death – and that hospitals were given financial incentives to list the corona virus as the cause of death. This change in CDC policy on March 4, 2020 led immediately to huge increases in reported corona virus fatalities in March and April – along with an equal decline in seasonal flu fatalities. It short, there was no total increases in hospital related fatalities. The cause of death was merely changed from seasonal flu to corona.

So given this distortion of data, how can we ever determine the real fatality rate? One way to determine the real or actual fatality rate is to take a closer look at the characteristics of those who died with the corona virus and compare this to the number of these same people who would have still died during the same time period even if the corona virus had never existed.

A Closer Look at Nursing Home Fatalities
In my book, I provided evidence that most of the corona virus fatalities were in those over the age of 80 residing in nursing homes. I also provided evidence that nearly all of these nursing home victims had serious medical conditions – implying that at least some – and perhaps most - of these people died from their previously existing serious medical conditions rather than dying from the corona virus.

Since publishing the book on May 8, 2020, I have done a more detailed analysis of nursing home fatalities in Washington state. What I found was that nearly all of the nursing home fatalities that were claimed to be corona virus fatalities were in fact fatalities due to previous medical conditions. The rate of nursing home total fatalities remained the same before, during and after the corona virus – and in fact is still the same today. Some people may have died from the corona virus in nursing homes (rather than merely with the corona virus in nursing homes). But the total number was so low that it did not affect the rate of total nursing home fatalities in any measurable way.

The key to this analysis is to examine the background mortality rate in nursing homes. Seniors admitted to nursing homes in the US have an average age of 83 and die in a median of 5 months after admission. Therefore, any nursing home corona fatalities happened in people with a median life expectancy of less than 5 months. Nearly all of these nursing home residents have serious medical problems at the time of admission.

The fact that seniors only have a life expectancy of 5 months after admission to a nursing home means we need to compare the fatalities that occur with the corona virus to the fatalities that occur at nursing homes in prior years if we are to have any kind of accurate measure of the actual total number of fatalities due to the corona virus. We will therefore look at two cases where this data is known – Canada and Washington State.

Corona Fatalities in Canadian Nursing Homes
A May 7, 2020 report, citing Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer Theresa Tam, confirms that among Canada’s corona virus fatalities, 82 percent were in nursing homes – affecting the elderly with chronic health conditions.

The Canadian National Institute on Aging said that as of May 6, 2020, 3,436 residents and six staff members of nursing homes had died with the corona virus, representing 82 per cent of the 4,167 corona virus deaths reported in Canada.  This is despite the fact that the 400,000 residents living in nursing homes represent just one per cent of Canada’s population

The key fact in the above report was that there are 400,000 residents in nursing homes in Canada. Assuming an average life expectancy of 5 months, one would expect all 400,000 to die from some cause in the first 5 months of 2020 (or in any 5 month period in any other year). 3,436 residents divided by 400,000 residents equals less than one percent of total fatalities among these nursing homes. It is morally disgusting and scientifically dishonest for the Mass Hysteria Media to make a huge deal out of 3,436 residents dying with the corona virus in Canadian nursing homes without also informing readers that this number represents less than one percent of total fatalities in those Canadian nursing homes.

Corona Fatalities in Washington State Nursing Homes
On May 6, 2020, the Washington State Department of Health reported that over 61% of reported corona virus fatalities were residents of nursing homes (507 fatalities out of 831 reported corona fatalities). But as with the Canada report, the Mass Hysteria Media failed to report the denominator. What was the total number of people who died in nursing homes in Washington state during the the two months of 2020 during which 507 residents of nursing homes were reported as dying from the corona virus?

To determine the number of people living in nursing homes in Washington state, I went to the following database:

This is a list of reports for more than 200 nursing homes in Washington state.

I then read the fire reports to determine the number of residents in each nursing home. The average number of residents per nursing home was 65. Thus, there are about 13,000 people in nursing homes on any given day. This also means that about 13,000 people in nursing homes in our state died from some cause during any 5 month period. Thus 2600 residents die in nursing homes each month. Thus 5200 residents in nursing homes normally die in a 2 month period. Thus, nursing homes account for about 45% of all fatalities in Washington state – regardless of the corona virus.

Put in plain English, about half of all people in Washington state die shortly after being admitted to nursing homes. And about half of the reported victims of the corona virus are these very same people – who would have died whether there was a corona virus or not. It is extremely dishonest for the mass hysteria media to report all of these fatalities as corona virus fatalities when in fact thousands of people die from other extreme medical problems in Washington state every month anyway – from things like heart disease and cancer and a long list of medical problems – none of which are reported by the mass hysteria media.

Evidence that the Lockdown may have increased fatalities among Seniors by diverting more than 1000 Seniors
Sadly, nursing homes have been a haven for the corona virus (due to over-crowded and unsanitary conditions combined with a huge concentration of weakened immune systems all in the same building). During my research into nursing homes, I found that many and perhaps most nursing homes had been repeatedly cited for violations by local, county and state inspectors. If our state leaders truly cared about protecting seniors in nursing homes, then instead of investing millions of dollars in corona cops, what the state really should be doing is investing money in improving the health and living conditions in our nursing homes. But you will never hear a word in the mass hysteria media about how bad things are in our nursing homes – and how bad they have been for many years. After doing this research, my advice to families is to keep their grandparents at home as long as possible and do not send any elderly person to a nursing home unless there is no other option.

Sadly, during the Lockdown, some reckless government bureaucrats ordered all the hospitals to be emptied to prepare for what they mistakenly thought would be a tidal wave of corona patients. As this graph shows, about 1000 elderly hospital patients in our state were diverted from safe hospitals to much less safe nursing homes.


Thus, at least some “diverted” elderly patients were likely exposed to and may have died from the corona virus who would not have died had they been allowed to remain in hospitals rather than being diverted to nursing homes. Again, this number of additional fatalities was small because it did not affect the total fatality rate. The misleading claim that seniors in nursing homes are dying from the corona virus also explains why reported corona fatalities has remained just under 10 per day since May 23, 2020.


What is happening is that there are about 100 residents dying in nursing homes every day in Washington state (about half the total fatalities in Washington state every day). A small fraction of these (about 10%) may have the corona virus – even if they died from other medical complications and even if they would have died on the same day whether the corona virus existed or not. But it remains true that the odds of dying from the corona virus are about the same as the odds of dying from the seasonal flu – regardless of your age.


Those who are not in nursing homes are more likely to die from a car accident than from the corona virus – even if you get the corona virus. And as for school children, they are more likely to be killed by a lightening strike than they are to be killed by the corona virus. In fact, children are much more likely to be killed by the seasonal flu than they are to be killed by the corona virus.

Why are so few people are actually dying from the corona virus?
One bit of good news is that we now know about 50% of the population was already naturally immune to the corona virus due to past exposure to previous corona or common cold viruses. On May 8, 2020, I estimated that about 67% of the US population was already immune to the corona virus. This estimate was based on three data points. First, the immunity rate to the 1918 Spanish Flu in the US was 67% - only 33% were infected. Second, an April 7, 2020 study of a homeless population in Boston found that only 37% of the homeless had corona virus antibodies – implying that 63% were already immune. Third, the null hypothesis assumes that there will be no difference between the seasonal flu and the corona virus. Since the seasonal flu never infects more than one third of the population in any given year, then in the absence of additional data, one should assume that most people are already immune to the corona virus.

Here is a quote from the Preface to the first edition of my book: “The good news is that most people have a natural immunity to the corona virus – which is why they do not display any symptoms. At least two thirds of the US population has a healthy immune system and therefore are unlikely be infected.”

On May 14, 2020, one week after I published my book, a ground breaking study was posted online that estimated that about 50% of people who have not been exposed to the corona virus have resistance at the T-cell level – due to their previous exposure to similar corona viruses - like the viruses that are the primary cause of the common cold. Here is a link to this study.

As I explained in detail in my book, T cells are cells produced by the body to fight off a virus. There are different kinds of T cells. The study compared the type of T cells present in 20 patients who had recovered from the corona virus to the T cells of people who were never exposed to the corona virus (people who had donated blood between 2015 to 2018). Their analysis found that 100% of recovered corona patients had a particular kind of T cell called CD4+. There are strong reasons to believe that this is the type of T cell is important to fighting the corona virus.

This same T cell was found in about 50% of healthy blood donor samples (implying that 50% of people in the US population already had natural immunity to the corona virus through past exposure to similar cold viruses). Researchers then tested the healthy blood donor samples for two of the most common types of cold-related corona viruses – alpha corona virus and beta corona virus.

All of the blood donor samples that tested positive for CD4+ T cells also tested positive for these common corona viruses. This result goes a long way towards explaining why huge numbers of people with close and constant exposure to the corona virus either do not get it at all – or get a case that is so mild that they do not even know they have the corona virus. It also explains why many people test positive for the corona virus but do not transmit the corona virus to other people. It is because their immune system destroys the corona virus before the virus can be passed on to others.

We can use this 50% naturally immunity to estimate how close the US population is to herd immunity. Herd immunity is achieved when about 80% of the population has the T cells needed to fight off the virus. As of June 10, 2020, there are 2 million confirmed corona virus cases in the US.

Because numerous studies have now confirmed that actual cases are at least 50 times the number of confirmed cases, this means that there are about 100 million actual corona virus survivors in the US. This is 30% of the US population. In addition, about 50% of the population has been immune the entire time. Therefore, as a nation, the US should be approaching herd immunity right now. This can be seen in the drop in the rate of flu-related hospitalizations to only 1 percent of total admissions by the end of May:


Sadly, new flu related hospital admissions have not fallen to zero percent as I had predicted on May 8, 2020. Instead, they seem stuck at about 1% of total admissions. This is 10,000 new daily admissions for the entire US and about 200 admissions per day for Washington state. The reason these admissions seem stuck at one percent of total admissions – and may never go down to zero – is that there seems to be a very small percent of the population who have very compromised immune systems. So in a large population like Washington state with 7.6 million people, there are always going to be 200 people – mainly over age 80 – who are admitted to hospitals with flu like symptoms even in the middle of the summer. These are mainly people with serious medical conditions who are living in nursing homes.

Will there be a “second bounce” this fall?
The fact that 50% of the US population already had antibodies for the corona virus and that 30% of additional people have been exposed and now have antibodies does not mean that we are protected from a “second bounce” later in 2020. Many studies have now shown that corona viruses, like all other flu viruses, mutate more than once a week. It is likely that some of these mutations will be resistant to the current structure of CD4+ T cells. It is certain that our immune systems will be weaker in the Fall and Winter as our bodies will get less sun and be more subjected to the stress of bad weather.

But instead of recognizing that the corona virus is similar to other flu viruses, I expect most Governors will bow to pressure from billionaires and the mass hysteria media to re-impose lockdown orders as the new corona virus epidemic emerges in the fall.

#2 Shutting down our schools and businesses did not reduce fatalities in 2020 compared to 2019 and 2018
In my book, I compared several states that had less severe or shorter lockdown to states that had the most severe and longest lockdowns. It was obvious that, if anything, states with longer lockdowns had a higher percent of reported corona fatalities. I also compared nations with long and severe lockdowns to nations like Sweden that had no lockdown. Again, more lockdowns led to more fatalities. This trend has continued.

On May 22, 2020, JP Morgan published a politically independent analysis which found that lifting lockdowns has had no negative impact on deaths or hospitalizations. Here is one of their charts which shows that many countries around the world saw their infection rate fall rather than rise when they ended their lockdowns.


They found a similar trend when comparing states in the US. Here is a quote from their study: “While we often hear that lockdowns are driven by scientific models, and that there is an exact relationship between the level of economic activity and the spread of [the] virus - this is not supported by the data. Indeed, virtually everywhere infection rates have declined after re-opening even after allowing for an appropriate measurement lag.”

Here is a map of states that were open by May 20, 2020:


#3 How many additional people will be killed by the extreme Lockdown policies

The Washington state economy is like an out of control school bus whose brakes are out and it is heading down a mountain road. In a matter of weeks, it will plunge over an economic cliff carrying all of us and the future of our children with it. The Washington state economy has already crashed, but one million unemployed workers have been shielded from the effects of that crash by $5 billion dollars from the Washington State Unemployment Trust Fund and billions more from the federal CARES act. Rental and mortgage evictions have been temporarily banned. But all this has done is place one million unemployed people in our state even deeper into a debt they can not possibly repay.

But by the end of August, in less than six weeks from now, all of that is going to end. The $5 billion state unemployment trust fund will be gone sometime in July. The $3 billion state rainy day fund will then need to be used to backstop the trust fund. At $1 billion per month, that will not last long. CARES Act funding? The $2.5 trillion in federal bailouts will be all spent and gone. Federal student loans? The grace period ends in October.


In early June, the Washington state budget shortfall was estimated to be $7 to 10 billion over the next three years. But that estimate was based on only one half million people being unemployed and all of them being called back in the next year. In fact, more than one million people are unemployed (twice the official estimate) and recovery will take at least 5 years. Using these more accurate numbers, the actual Washington state budget shortfall is $14 to $20 billion – with at least a $4 billion shortfall in the next year – the largest budget deficit in the history of our state!

On June 9, 2020, one of the largest malls in Washington state, the Cascade Mall in Burlington, announced that it was closing for good on June 30, 2020 – after operating for more than 30 years. Two of their anchor stores, Macy's and J.C. Penney had already closed before the government imposed lockdowns. This will cause even more job losses in Skagit county - which already had the third highest unemployment rate in Washington state. Here is a picture of their empty parking lot:


The millions of jobs lost due to the lockdown have already led to an increase in depression and suicide rates in the US. On May 21, 2020, ABC 7 News reported that San Francisco Bay area medical clinics are experiencing deaths by suicide that far exceed Corona Virus fatalities.

One hospital's top trauma doctor, Dr. Mike deBoisblanc, stated: "We've never seen numbers like this, in such a short period of time. We have seen a year's worth of suicide attempts in the last four weeks."

Kacey Hansen, a trauma nurse at the hospital for over three decades, stated: "What I have seen recently, I have never seen before. I have never seen so much intentional injury."

600 Doctors Warn Lockdown Will Cause More Deaths
On May 19, 2020, 600 doctors sent a letter to President Trump warning that continuing the lockdown would cause “millions of casualties.” Here is a link to this letter:

Here is a quote from this letter: “We are alarmed at what appears to be the lack of consideration for the future health of our patients. The downstream health effects of deteriorating a level are being massively under-estimated and under-reported. Millions of casualties of a continued shutdown will be hiding in plain sight, but they will be called alcoholism, homelessness, suicide, heart attack, stroke, or kidney failure… In youths, it will be called financial instability, unemployment, despair, drug addiction, unplanned pregnancies, poverty, and abuse… Suicide hotline phone calls have increased 600% while sales of alcohol have increased 300% to 600%… 150,000 Americans per month are now missing cancer screenings… Millions have missed dental care to fix problems strongly linked to heart disease and preventable cases of stroke, heart attack. Millions of well-child check-ups have been missed. “

On May 25, 2020, doctors at Stanford University, USC and the University of Chicago published another article also predicting mass death from the lockdowns. Here is a link to this article:

Here is a quote from the article:

“Emergency stroke evaluations are down 40 percent. Of the 650,000 cancer patients receiving chemotherapy in the United States, an estimated half are missing their treatments. Of the 150,000 new cancer cases typically discovered each month in the U.S., most are not being diagnosed, and two-thirds to three-fourths of routine cancer screenings are not happening because of shutdown policies and fear among the population. Nearly 85 percent fewer living-donor transplants are occurring now, compared to the same period last year. The implications of treatment delays for situations other than COVID-19 result in 8,000 US. deaths per month of the shutdown. Missed strokes contribute an additional loss of 100,000 years of life for each month; late cancer diagnoses lose 250,000 years of remaining life for each month; missing living-donor transplants, another 5,000 years of life per month. These unintended consequences of missed health care amount to more than 500,000 lost years of life per month. Considering only the losses of life from missed health care and unemployment due solely to the lockdown policy, we conservatively estimate that the national lockdown is responsible for at least 700,000 lost years of life every month, or about 1.5 million so far — already far surpassing the COVID-19 total.”

Two more California Doctors Claim that the Lockdown is Killing More People than the Corona Virus

Two doctors want the California shelter-in-place order to be lifted. Dr. Dan Erickson and Dr. Artin Massihi own and run an urgent care facility in Kern County. Erickson joined Good Morning San Diego to share his thoughts on COVID-19 and lifting California’s shelter-in-place order. He stated: “Social distancing kills about 100 people for every person it supposedly saves. “

Half of all Small Business Owners will close their Businesses Permanently
On May 20, 2020, a survey of small business owners in the US was published which indicated that nearly half of small business owners think they will eventually have to close their businesses for good. Here is a link to this survey:

Forty-seven percent of the small business owners surveyed said they anticipate shutting down, and 41% said they are looking for full-time work elsewhere. This is on top of the small businesses that have already shut down and will never reopen. Small businesses employ 58.9 million Americans, making up 47.5% of the country’s total employee workforce.

May 15, 2020: According to the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, the real rate of unemployment in the US is now 30.7 percent.

May 11, 2020: According to a professor of economics at Columbia University, the US homeless population could increase by 250,000 people to a total of 800,000 later this year – due entirely to millions of people losing their jobs due to the government lockdowns.

June 11, 2020: The Labor Department estimated that another 2 million people filed for unemployment in the first week of June. Here is a graph of total unemployment claims since March:


As the above graph shows, over the past 12 weeks, 47 million people have filed unemployment claims in the US.

June 12, 2020: The National Restaurant Association stated that US restaurants lost $120 billion in March, April and May. One in four restaurant owners say they do not plan to reopen.

June 17, 2020: The Washington State Economic and Revenue Forecast Council released a new 44 page report estimating a revenue shortfall for the next fiscal year of $5.7 billion – the largest budget shortfall in state history.

Here is the link to this report:

The adopted budget for fiscal year 2021 was $27 billion. So the $5.7 billion budget shortfall is about 21%. However, because half of the budget is mandatory court ordered expenses, the part of the budget that has flexibility, including the Higher Education budget cut may be as high as 42%. There is a $3 billion rainy day fund. But as I noted earlier, it is likely that the entire $3 billion will be needed to fill in the Unemployment Trust Fund after the $5 billion in that account is gone. Despite this dismal news, the Economic and Revenue Forecast Council (ERFC) is still predicting a rapid V shaped recovery:


Such a rapid V shaped recovery has never happened in the history of our state. Nevertheless, ERFC is predicting that state revenue will grow by 9% in Fiscal Year 2022!

We now have MILLIONS of Americans who are scared to leave their home. Washington state has lost billions of dollars to fear. Millions of jobs have been lost. Hundreds of thousands of businesses are gone for good. The real Washington state budget is losing about one billion per month as the same time that the federal debt continues to expand at a rate of one trillion dollars per month. All because of a virus that caused so few deaths that it did not change the death rate in Washington state. The only question now is whether voters will wake up before it is too late.


The data presented in this article confirms beyond any doubt that the corona virus did not increase fatalities in Washington state and the Lockdown did not reduce fatalities – as daily, weekly and monthly fatalities for the entire time period remained nearly identical to 2019 and 2018. We have also shown that over half of us already had natural immunity to the corona virus – thanks to previous exposure to other similar cold viruses. Finally, we have shown that the Lockdown of our schools and businesses has led to the highest number of unemployed people and the worst budget shortfall in the history of our state. None of these facts are ever mentioned by government officials or the mass hysteria media. But the truth is a powerful weapon. The only question left is when people will stop drinking the corona crisis kool-aid and open up their eyes long enough to see the truth. If you are finally ready to move behind fear and start learning the facts, then please visit our website Common Sense Book dot org where you can read our entire book for free.

As always, I look forward to your questions and comments.


David Spring M. Ed.

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