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The human immune system is incredibly complex. But it apparently has not been covered adequately by the health courses in our public schools – because both the mass hysteria media and our government officials seem to be completely unaware of its existence!


This chapter is divided into the following four sections:

4.1 What Exactly is a Virus?

4.2 How our Immune System Evolved to Fight Viruses

4.3 How to Improve Your Immune System

4.4 How Stress Harms our Immune System


Throughout this book, we have stated that all corona virus tests are wildly inaccurate – with huge numbers of false positives and false negatives. In this chapter, we will review the three primary methods used to test for the corona virus to help you better understand their differences and better understand not only why they are not accurate – but more important – understand why it is not possible for any of them to ever be accurate.

This chapter is divided into the following four sections:

5.1 Why is the Cost of a PCR Test so High?

5.2 Why Corona Virus PCR Tests are Not Accurate

5.3 Why Corona Virus CT Scans are Dangerous

5.4 Why Corona Virus Antibody Tests are Not Accurate


The claim being made by government officials and echoed by the Mass Hysteria Media is that to really be safe, we may all need to keep schools closed, keep businesses closed and hide on our homes for a year or more while we all wait for a vaccine for the corona virus to be created. The problem with waiting for a magic bullet vaccine is that drug companies have been trying for 50 years to create flu vaccines – and they have failed for 50 years because all flu viruses mutate extremely rapidly. Even if there was a vaccine created, it would quickly become ineffective as the virus mutated in response to the vaccine.

Because many magic cures have been proposed, this chapter is divided into the following five sections.

6.1 Long History of Flu Virus Vaccine Failures

6.2 Problems with Chloroquine

6.3 Problems with Remdesivir

6.4 Problems with Favipiravir

6.5 Benefits of Plasma Antibody Treatment