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Many people take it for granted that there is a benefit to closing our public schools during an epidemic. In this chapter, we will review why there is not a benefit and then look at the harm inflicted on our kids, our parents and our society when we close our public schools.

This chapter is divided into the following three sections:

7.1 How Closing Schools can Increase Flu Fatalities

7.2 Why Online Programs can not Replace In Person Instruction

7.3 Why School Opening should not wait for a Miracle Vaccine


As bad as the harm to our kids and our schools has been and is likely to continue to be until we can elect wiser leaders, the greatest harm of the social isolation policies of Inslee and Reykdal and their partners in crime in the Mass Hysteria Media, has been the shutting down of nearly all businesses here in Washington state. Not only has this kind of devastation never been inflicted by any officials in the history of our state, it is well beyond anything that has ever happened in human history. Shutting down small businesses – which are the life blood of our economy - borders on shear lunacy like some sort of mass hypnosis or mass suicide where folks are all told to jump off an economic cliff and they go ahead and do it.

There is no way to truly capture the scale of this harm. Nevertheless we will try.

This chapter is divided into the following 5 sections:

8.1 Lost Jobs… Harm to Small Businesses, Workers and Families

8.2 Lost Homes… Harm to Children through Homelessness

8.3 Lost Public Services… Harm to Support for our Public Schools

8.4 How the Shutdown Violates our Constitutional Rights

8.5 The Man Behind the Curtain… Who is Really Pulling the Strings behind the Corona Virus Scam


It can be pretty tough to find out you have been lied to by everyone from government officials to the Mass Hysteria Media. You have a right to be angry if you lost your job, your home, your life savings - and your child lost precious time in school. But anger will not create a better future for our children. So in this chapter, we will review some things we can do to take back control of our economy, our elections and provide a better future for our children.

This chapter is divided into the following four sections:

9.1 Get More Accurate Sources of Information

9.2 How to Create Your Own Community Network

9.3 Pass a Fair Elections Initiative

9.4 Give our Kids a Better Education so this Never Happens Again!

Basically, we need to reform our news gathering processes, reform our education system, reform our election system and reform the way we interact with each other. Each of these four sections will cover different aspects of the underlying problems which led to the collective mass hysteria known as the corona virus pandemic.