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Evidence We are Near the End of the Corona Epidemic

In my previous article, I noted that, for the first four months of 2020, there was almost no difference in fatalities compared to the first four months of 2019 and 2018. Here the chart.


In other words, there was no tidal wave of fatalities in Washington state in 2020. The corona virus did NOT increase fatalities and social distancing did NOT reduce fatalities. Many people - who drank the corona virus and social distancing snake oil being peddled by the mass hysteria media - claimed I must have made some mistake. They just could not believe the good news that there never was a significant health epidemic in Washington state in 2020 and therefore it is time we all got back to leading a normal life.

In this article, we will look at even more good news. I was heavily criticized when I predicted more than one month ago that even “reported corona fatalities” would drop dramatically by the end of May. My prediction was based on the fact that corona hospital admissions fell dramatically by the end of April. It was therefore obvious that corona fatalities would have to drop dramatically by the end of May. Meanwhile the billionaire bribed fake science computer modelers all predicted that fatalities would skyrocket by the end of May due to all the states that opened their businesses on May 1.


Well, we are finally near the end of May and it sure is looking like I was right and the billionaire bribed fake science computer modelers were wrong. On May 26, 2020, the total of claimed fatalities in the US passed 100,000. But at the same time, the daily rate of reported corona fatalities confirmed a trend of dropping rapidly – just as I predicted more than 1 month ago.


Daily reported corona fatalities for the past few days have been 1036, 617 and 505. While the final two numbers are subject to rising slightly as more data comes in, they should both still remain under 1000. If this turns out to be the case (we will know by the end of next week), this will be the first time since the end of March 2020 that the three day average of reported fatalities has been under 1000.

1000 daily fatalities may still seem like a lot to some. But in a nation of 330 million people it is a small percent of average total daily US fatalities.

By sharp contrast, daily new cases continue at a consistent rate of about 20,000 new cases per day. Clearly daily new cases are not related to daily fatalities. Instead, they are simply a measure of how many people are tested each day.

There are now 1.7 million people in the US who have tested positive for the corona virus. Ignoring for the moment the extreme lack of accuracy of all corona tests, and using a ratio of 50 people who have the virus without having symptoms for every confirmed case, this means there are now 85 million people in the US with the corona virus. This is 25 percent of the US population or 1 out of every four people in the US who now have the corona virus.

An Army of 85 Million Corona Virus Transmitters Now in the US
As 49 out of 50 of these 85 million people do not know they have it, and have no symptoms, they are rapidly passing the virus on to everyone around them. At the same time, the number of fatalities is dropping rapidly – all thanks to the remarkable human immune system – which does not need and is not helped by social distancing.

Also, as I predicted more than one month ago, the percentage of people who test positive for the virus as a fraction of the total number tested is going up rapidly. Therer have now been more than 15.3 million people tested with 1.7 million testing positive. This is a rate of 11% testing positive compared to one month ago when only 6% were testing positive. Because testing has been done primarily on people who have symptoms, this is also evidence that 25% of the US now has the corona virus. Some states are much higher. For example, in New York state, 21 percent of all tests are now positive. This implies than nearly half of the people in New York now have the corona virus.

The Corona Problem has Pretty Much Disappeared in Washington State Despite an Army of One Million Transmitters

In Washington state, there are 1090 reported fatalities which is 143 per million population. About 21,000 people have tested positive which (times 50) means that over one million people now have the corona virus in Washington state and do not know they have it. They are rapidly transmitting the corona virus to everyone else around the state even as corona fatalities have dropped to almost nothing. 1.1 million infected people is about 14% of the population of 7.5 million.

Other than a reclassification of 38 fatalities as corona fatalities on May 20, 2020, reported daily corona fatalities in Washington state have been under 10 for the past 10 days. This is the first time this has happened since the middle of March.

Over half of the 1090 fatalities in Washington state have occurred in a single county (King county with 550 reported fatalities). This is despite the fact that King County has only one third of the state population.

Outside of King County, there have only been 540 reported corona fatalities in a population of 5 million. This is an actual mortality rate of about 100 per million or 1 per 10,000 – which as I predicted months ago (and is predicted by the Null Hypothesis) is about the same as the mortality rate for the seasonal flu.

But wait, there’s more. Because we have shown that about half of all corona fatalities in Washington state were actually seasonal flu fatalities (read our book Common Sense versus Corona Virus Hysteria for more on this), we can conclude that, at least in Washington state, the corona virus has been LESS LETHAL than the seasonal flu. Perhaps this is why, according to the latest data from the CDC, the first four months of 2020 had almost exacly the same number of total fatalities as 2019 and 2018.


Now you know why the total number of fatalities in Washington state in 2020 were actually LESS than the number of fatalities in either 2019 or 2018. It’s because there never was a health epidemic in Washington state in 2020 in the first place.

The only question now is when is Governor Inslee going to stop listening to the billionaire funded fake science computer modelers and start looking at the actual facts and open up our economy without restrictions? Please share this important article with anyone you know who cares about the truth. As always, I look forward to your questions and comments.

Regards, David Spring M. Ed. spring for schools at gmail dot com